Meet those who have been most involved in the International ReThinking Church fellowship


It is such a great joy and indeed an honor to me to participate in this noble, timely and God given ReThinking Church in the 21st Century project. My participation in this important mission springs from the growing need for the global church to respond to Christs’ clarion call for Christian believers to surrender our wills and follow him as he ushers us into his holy wide-open spaces, where we, human beings, can flourish. As an evangelist, public theologian and academic, with over three decades of pastoring, teaching, researching, and participating in community engagement through mission outreach, I see this project as a crucial platform where I can share my lived experience and at the same time learn from my fellow servants; perspectives and voices, those called and keen to engage contextually with our modern society and practice public theology. These themes which speak of the nature, role and modes of engagement of the church in the public domain are important for they have the potential to provide alternative perspectives on public witnessing to Christ’s work. Among other project approaches, I am optimistic that a public theological approach shall help us adopt, and adapt Christ’s gospel within and across cultures as well as in the public and private spheres. It is my prayer and hope that as we seek to involve our faith, involve our churches, involve our public domain, there shall be nothing our project can’t achieve. Let us arise and shine for our light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon us.

Rev. Dr. Canon Dr. Alfred Sebahene, Tanzania
Head, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
St John’s University of Tanzania
Tanzania, East Africa


I'm participating in ReThinking the Church project because it is a community of brothers and sisters from around the world committed to the faithful witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. As the church seeks to carry out God's mission in the world it faces enormous challenges that cannot be postponed. This is a project where we desire to discern God's voice and leading, so that we are able to understand how tradition helps or hinders that mission, when we need to repent from the times when we succumb to the spirit of the times, and where and in what way the Spirit of God wants to leads the church for years to come.

Dr. Milton Acosta, Colombia
Seminario Bíblico de Colombia


I am participating in this project in order to find ways of enriching the African church which is growing everyday in the midst of great challenges such as ethnopolitical conflict, health issues like Ebola and COVID, corruption, poverty, and ethnoreligious tensions.

Dr. David Tarus
Executive Director of the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA)


This project is important to me because I believe that together with Christ’s followers participating from around the globe, we can get a better lens into what the church should look like in our fast-changing world of the 21st century.

Dr. Sergiy Tymchenko, Ukraine
REALIS Christian Center


My reason to participate in this timely project is to help and be helped by the community of believers around the world to think about the future of the church. I do believe that it is our task to move in this direction. The world is in rapid transition, society is becoming more and more secular and religion is meaningless for thousands of people. Will the church survive in the ages to come? What kind of church? How will the message be preached and received? Time has come for us to put our minds together and with the help of the Holy Spirit find ways to become the church which Christ envisioned when he died on the cross.

Dr. Antonio Carlos Barro, Brazil
South American Theological Seminary

I often hear Christians saying that the church is God’s so he will take care of it and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. However, when we look into history we see churches have disappeared in many parts of the world and even in our own days we see chaos and decline in many churches. God is asking us to be faithful co-workers with him to care for His bride. My modest involvement in this project is to see a brighter future for the church.

Revd. Dr. Riad Kassis
International Director, Langham Scholars Ministry, Langham Partnership